If you can’t plan your day, how can you plan your life?

Do you have trouble figuring out what you’re going to do with each day?
Do you also find it hard to figure out what to do with your life?
Wonder if the two are connected?
It’s not an accident the structure of an atom is the same as the structure of a solar system, or that a head of cauliflower looks like a human brain.
Our universe uses similar patterns repeatedly, to make everything work well together.
If the atoms start breaking down, the cell stops functioning. This can lead to disease, long term health issues and such.
It stands to reason that if your day has no sense of direction, how can your life? It’s all connected.
Our days are the building blocks of our weeks, months and years.
Not only does difficulty prioritizing, and organizing make it harder to plan. All-or-nothing thinking makes it worse.
All-or-nothing thinking can cause you to think of being present and planning for the future to be mutually exclusive.
The future often looks fuzzy to me because I have a poor sense of time, I can barely organize myself and I often don’t know where to begin.
Enter self-advocacy! I spoke with a client this morning about the importance of having an executive functioning team around her. My wife and a specific colleague are the people who help me the most.
These are not one-sided relationships, and they do not rescue me.
These relationships are reciprocal and win-win.
When you’re neurodivergent, relationships can be the hardest human experience to navigate. Yet, it’s important for helping you get past your stuck points, and get things done.
As someone living with Autism, ADHD and more, I’ve had to work very hard to figure out how to relate to others effectively even with a neurodivergent brain.
After 30 years of research, formal education, and lived experience, I can significantly reduce your learning curve.
My network and I keep each other accountable, and provide the support we need to stay focused on our priorities. You won’t accomplish much of anything if you try to do it all alone, for one simple reason.
No one has every skill they need to accomplish their goals. That’s why we have doctors, accountants, attorneys etc. We need a team!!!
There are many layers to this, I’m not trying to oversimplify it.
I often need hand holding when the task at hand stretches the capacity of my executive functions. I offer this to my clients as well. This is a perfectly acceptable way to live your life, because we’re all in this together.
Anyone claiming different is lying to themselves.
I often simply need help deciding which activity to do first, then everything falls into place. Other times, I need help creating the entire plan.
Once I have a plan, I can follow it. My team helps keep me accountable by me keeping them in the loop about what I’m doing, and how its going. My Inner Circle Community and using Voxer help my clients and I keep in touch easily.
You need to be driven to replace your self-sabotage with greater self-discipline. There will still be times you procrastinate, forget and so on.
But you’ll get a hell of a lot more done than you do now.
You’ll make more progress and have a greater sense of purpose.
Once you get the right people around you.
I can teach you exactly how to do that.
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