Following through when you have a neurodivergent mind…

Following through on your goals can feel like wading through concrete in a windstorm. Especially when you have executive functioning gaps, with a thick side serving of self-sabotage sauce.
I can get the best advice in the world, and do nothing with it. Not because I’m not motivated. But because my brain is ill-equipped to create the map.
One of the primary ways I use to help make sure I do the work, to create the results I want, is through accountability.
Having someone help me create the plan, establish deadlines, and give feedback throughout the process is absolutely necessary for me. Otherwise my hours would end up going toward a Master’s in Social Media Scrolling.
I find the same is true for my clients with ADHD, Autism and other styles of Neurodivergence.
We can talk for an hour and agree on action steps that never happen. It’s what happens after the call, applying what was discussed, where the most support is needed.
That’s where the inertia, the sabotage, and gaps slam the brakes on your progress. Unless someone is there to hold your feet to the fire, and hold your hand during more vulnerable moments.
Using programs like Voxer, is like having me on-call 24/7, so you don’t feel alone in your journey. One of the hardest feelings to experience is loneliness. That people don’t understand. They don’t know how to help.
But I’m there with my clients, every step of the way. Two brains are often better than one when it comes to managing executive functioning gaps.
I had a great conversation this morning with someone who can give me a great deal of support, in an area of my business that’s been holding me back.
Together we’ll build a bridge between here and there. We’re in this together is never more true than for people with chronic challenges.
Interdependence is the bedrock of our relationships, while much of the world chases the myth of independence. Out to prove how much they don’t need help.
But you and I understand through our lived experience, with the right help, we can get through anything.
Here for you, every step of the way.
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