Why your emotions need a clean chimney

Fireplaces can be a source of warmth, comfort and security. As long as the chimney is open, and excess heat, smoke can leave.

If the chimney is blocked, by clutter or critter, the smoke could fill the house. That is, until it finds another way out.

Come to think of it, your emotions work the same way.

They want out, in the form of tears, sharing fears or asking for support you need.

But when you force your emotions down, every time they try to come up. You’re blocking the chimney.

You may think the emotions are gone, or at least contained. What they’re actually doing is filling the house, your body.

They’re looking for a way out. A window, door, something. As long as it get’s a chance to be felt.

A window could be a headache, a backache or fatigue. A door could be stomach upset, or an ulcer.

That energy wreaks havoc until it completes it’s journey. First it arrives, it passes through, then it leaves. They’re temporary.

When you shove it down you hold it hostage, you won’t let it leave. You’re only through it once you experiencep it, and learn it’s wisdom.

Allowing yourself the level of honesty and vulnerability to experience emotions freely, is courageous and one of the most generous things you can do for yourself.

Unexpressed emotions show up at unwanted times. They source defensiveness, low self-esteem and so on.

For all the effort we make at being seen, feeling important. It makes sense you need to know how it feels, to get better at knowing it when you see it.

Start by seeing yourself through accepting and compassionate eyes. So your emotions come, show and go.

Here to help you find your way.

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