Keeping your thoughts from getting to you…

Ever wish you could take a break from your busy mind, at least long enough to calm down?
Ever notice, when watching rain through a closed window, you don’t get wet?
You can learn to experience your thinking in a similar way. Be a witness instead of a wearer.
I find fashion a wonderful artistic medium, but I don’t want to dress that way.
I’m fascinated by the various ways there are to think about life. Many of which I have no interest in thinking.
Being a witness can be extra challenging when you have a Neurodivergent brain, that pays attention to everything.
This skill begins by declaring the thoughts you no longer want to affect you.
Next, as a witness looking through the window, imagine you’re watching someone think outloud. The words coming out of their mouth are the thoughts in your head.
These two steps will help lay a foundation for you,  of what it’s like to observe the chatter in your mind. As though it were in front of you, versus inside of you.
The rest you’ll learn in a customized way in my ND Women’s Inner Circle.
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