You have more ideas than you know what to do with?

You have more ideas than you know what to do with?
One of the more difficult aspects of the ADHD experience, is the seemingly endless barrage of interesting questions and stellar ideas that flood your brain each day, right?
You want to remember them all, or write them all down. But that being a chore in itself, you end up being frustrated with yourself.
Especially, since you end up with a bunch of ideas you rarely act on.
First thing to consider. When you stand before the ocean, you don’t need to swim in the entire thing, experiencing every drop, to say you swam in the ocean. The part you swim in earns you that distinction.
And the ocean you swim in today has the same water it had yesterday, albeit moved around, as the water keeps flowing. Your creative mind is the same way.
Though you have different ideas, they’re part of the creative ocean that is your mind. So any idea you choose to focus on, is the part of the ocean you swim in, for now.
Understanding that by swimming in a piece of the ocean, you’re actually connected to the entire thing. One idea acted upon is representative of your overall creativity.
So no need to think in terms of which idea is better. It’s important to act on your questions and ideas enough to learn which ones pay off for you most often. Find the pattern.
The analysis paralysis you get stuck in now, denies you that experience, because you spend more time fretting and collecting than executing.
When you and I work together, I’ll show you how to observe your mind calmly. How to spot the ideas that are the best fit for your life, right now.
Then how to act upon them, and create the life you want, instead of tolerating the one you have.
Interested in learning more? Send me a message.
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