It’s all temporary, that’s a good thing, here’s why…

May be an image of 1 person, ocean, sky and text that says 'It's all temporary...'It’s all temporary, that’s a good thing, here’s why…
When you live with chronic pain or Neurodivergence, it can be easy to become depressed, discouraged and helpless.
I slip into those states on occasion. It isn’t a failure when I do.
Even the strongest weight lifter has to set the weight down as it becomes too much to keep holding after while.
The ever present reality of relentless gremlins such as these, also presents an opportunity.
It’s a chance for you to extend the patience and self-compassion you richly deserve, as you navigate life with any chronic condition.
You’re fortunate in being able to practice in the privacy of your own mind.
The pain I experience doesn’t go away, ever. But it does change in intensity. The executive functioning challenges I experience ebb and flow as well.
My ability to remember may be on point for a day, only to slide back into forgetfulness the next.
I find comfort in reminding myself it’s all temporary. Everything is waxing and waning, from the ocean tides, to the temperature outside to the speed of your heart beat.
Being able to live in this way helps keep your mind more calm, and widens your perspective about your circumstances, and your ability to manage them.
I teach the Neurodivergent women of my paid community how to do this.
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