Finding solutions when you think YOU’RE the problem…

Many (not all) folks with Neurodivergence have difficulty with introspection, and actively avoid it.
Being raised on a steady diet of criticism and correction versus curiosity and connection, can lead to emotional indigestion.
If looking inward, meant facing the shame, guilt and memories of the reasons you’re not good enough. Would you do it?
Maybe you’d study or work all the time instead.
Perhaps you’d have a hobby that consumes your downtime.
Then you don’t have to think about anything else.
You distract yourself with a screen. Emotionally pulled too and fro by marketing designed to manipulate you into taking a specific action.
So much of your experience has taught you YOU are the problem. So why would looking inward be a way to find a solution. It feels like looking for a clean drink of water in an outhouse.
No! Instead you fix your gaze outward. Looking for any sign you’re doing something, anything, to please the people who hold the keys. Keys to the door that stands between belonging, or abandonment.
Today I revealed some of my secret sauce with my inner circle. How I’ve learned to safely guide others into introspection.
So they can find safety, self-compassion and peace, through looking at what happens within, while you react to what’s around you.
The key to managing life, your thoughts and emotions. Is learning how to manage your inner world.
Without the ability to introspect, you won’t be able to accomplish this. Which is why I focus so intensely on it.
A disorganized inner world is seen by everyone else as being defensive, anxious, sensitive etc.
It’s essential to counter balance those experiences with confidence, resourcefulness, curiosity and resilience.
All of which can be accomplished through introspection that helps you unlock the wisdom in your experiences instead of reliving the pain.
Want to experience this for yourself? Then we need to talk.
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