When cooler heads prevail

Words sometimes sting, don’t they?

Where do you feel it?
In your heart,
Your middle,
Or your mind?

You, the chosen mark.
Serving as a screen, upon which they project
their pain, and suffering.

The message is, they’re hurting.
The method is, they’re hurting you.

Preservation of your emotional integrity, and ability to access compassion are paramount.

Your right to establish bounds, requires action to realize.
Conveying directly that,
“I want to hear you,
I’d love to talk with you,
but not on those terms.”

“I empathize and hear you’re hurting. We need to do better than hurtful words, to find a way through this.
Please tell me what is happening in your body right now.”

A shift in attention to body from brain, helps to settle both.

When cooler heads engage, cooler heads prevail.

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