Is your ADHD a snowstorm or a sandbox?

I often refer to the ADHD brain as a snowstorm.
The snowflakes are thoughts, the winds blowing snow in my face are anxiety.
The problem I run into is it encourages me to think of my brain as chaotic, overwhelming and out of control. Honestly, it can be sometimes.
But what if I view this brain as a sandbox.
The sand grains are thoughts, but I’m not in a sandSTORM.
I can stand outside of the box, sit or stand in the box.
I can decide which grains I want to play with at any given time.
So the ADHD brain can be chaotic or playful.
Playful, as it zips around chasing shiny objects, asking tangential questions and feeding its curiosity.
I do often find myself in the snowstorm, its part of the territory.
I spend as much time as I can being the observer (of the grains of sand), instead of feeling trapped in the snowstorm.
Learning to take a step back from your busy brain versus being in battle with it constantly, is something I’m very good at teaching.
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