I was limited by my tunnel vision

I set a goal to lose weight this year. I imagined walking (you know, 10,000 steps a day) would play a big role in that.

Since I have such difficulty walking, weight loss has been minimal. Enter necessity!

I had the opportunity to visit the local hospital today (all’s well), with time on my hands.

I decided to vigorously wheel myself up and down the main hallway.

I now lie in bed with a very sore body. I used everything in my torso, abs and hip muscles. I feel like I did physical work.

That’s uncomfortable and rewarding 🤔 I’ve needed more physical activity but held a narrow vision of what that meant (walking).

I wasn’t trapped by my disability. I was limited by the options I allowed myself to consider.

I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to do this much in my chair, enough to be this sore.

It’s a welcome wake up to an option for improving my physical and mental health, even more.

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