Writing it down is harder than you realize…

Today, my members discussed how many more options exist for communication.

One member shared that a teacher made the comment (to her child with dyslexia), “If you don’t start (hand) writing now you’ll never learn how to write”.

This teacher clearly didn’t appreciate the impact dyslexia had on this child.

In the case of my dyslexia, the act of handwriting is physically painful and exhausting.

It’s also too slow for my brain, I often forget what I wanted to write. I forget what I’ve already written, so I need to keep stopping to read what I’ve written – PHEW!

Don’t get me started on grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

Dyslexia affects how well the brain processes the written word. If a student struggles with writing, allow them to tell you verbally.

Let them dictate their longer written assignments, classmates can help with editing in exchange for extra credit.

I happened upon a video about, Elizabeth Bonker. She’s autistic, nonverbal and the Valedictorian of her graduating college class.

She gave the commencement speech using text-to-speech technology. Something I use daily to help me read.

There’s more than one road to Rome, and there’s more than one way to communicate. Let’s work with each other.

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