Getting used to not walking…

May be a closeup of 1 person, beard and indoor
Had a lovely breakfast out with my family.
I usually use my cane (stubbornly) regardless of the difficulty.
This able-bodied culture of ours puts a premium on walking. It’s an ongoing struggle to let go of that and embrace what I actually need.
I went with the wheelchair because (with the back pain), I just couldn’t do it.
Such a relief. I was able to get around more quickly, safely and with minimal pain.
I need to remember this because quick, safe and more comfortable matter more than walking.
Now I’m lying down because I’m worn out. Doesn’t take much.
Letting go of one view of yourself can be scary. Especially when you believe accepting the present version means accepting less independence and more vulnerability.
What I’m working on learning is that empowerment is more about confidence, determination and resourcefulness than able-bodiedness.
I’m going to focus on living those qualities more. They’ll serve me regardless of how my body is doing.
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