How words can hurt, and something you can do about it

It’s said that “words can never hurt” you. Perhaps.
Though words don’t happen on their own.
They spring forth from an emotional state. A state creating an energy field that can overlap with, and influence your own energy.
Like two rivers flowing into each other.
Boundaries can help reduce the impact of more hurtful energies.
It can be difficult to do when you have a Neurodivergent brain.
It expends a great deal of energy just trying to stay regulated.
Let alone being able to rally your resources, and maintain composure while standing your ground against a verbal onslaught.
Protecting your energy by avoiding certain people and situations (when possible), helps you save your resources for where they’re needed most.
Going to restaurants at off times, talking to people for shorter periods of time with topic driven conversations (avoiding chit chat).
Some people are simply more intense than others and are dysregulating to be around.
So don’t minimize your experience by saying, “They’re just words.”
Words don’t occur without the energy behind them.
Which is likely why so many of us prefer texting or emailing versus in-person. More info with less emotional energy to navigate.
My thoughts at least.
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