A tip for lasting motivation…

Staying motivated long enough to see things through is a challenge for the ADHD, Neurodivergent crowd.
Something that can help is celebrating small wins along the way.
One of my motto’s, “Put your beginnings and endings closer together.”
Imagine your path is made of stepping stones. Every step helps you progress along the path.
So every completed action moves you somewhere, (hopefully) forward.
I need help creating plans because my executive functions (e.g. planning, sequencing) are so shoddy.
Having EF challenges doesn’t mean you should quit. It means you have an opportunity to experience synergy. You’ve heard the expression, “two brains are better than one.”
In my experience, working with someone who’s EFs are better than yours is a gift to both of you.
Now this is one aspect of the entire approach to staying motivated.
In my Inner Circle you learn the strategy and have an entire community cheering you on, and helping you work through your fears. It’s so powerful.
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