Trouble making decisions?

standing on concrete with multiple arrows pointing in different directionsIndecision is one of the bigger gremlins I see Neurodivergents struggle with.
From whether to trust others, ask for help, or even whether to believe in themselves.
This is due in part to growing up being told most everything you’re doing is wrong.
It is also in part due to an unwillingness to consider more than all-or-nothing outcomes.
With that mindset you can only make good or bad, right or wrong decisions. There’s a lot on the line when you think that way.
In reality decisions are commitments to act toward an outcome.
The results of your action show you whether that action moves you closer or further from that outcome. You’re experimenting, not putting it all on the line.
Change how you see it, change how you feel it.
It’s your mind after all.


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