Thanks for making me feel like my needs don’t matter

May be an image of one or more people, bicycle, indoor and textHey DeKalb IL Wal-Mart,

Thanks for making me feel like my needs don’t matter.
I didn’t choose to be disabled and have so much trouble walking.
In spite of my best efforts I haven’t been able to earn the thousands needed to buy my own scooter etc.
I rely on the availability of scooters at grocery stores to make them accessible.
I avoid shopping alone because if there’s no scooter I risk injury from walking or falling.
Today there was a scooter, with 100% charge. But when you pulled the lever nothing happened.
A staff member walked past me and I asked if she could help. She simply said, “I don’t know”, and kept walking.
I impatiently raised my voice, “Is there anyone who would know?”
She stopped and pointed at a co-worker who proceeded to come over and test the lever on the scooter, no go.
She said, “I don’t know why its not working”.
So she wandered around as though she was looking for someone else then casual returned to her station without saying another word to me.
This is how I was valued by your staff today.
I had to walk with a cart, fight to keep my balance and walk out with terrible foot and leg pain that impacts what I’m able to do the rest of the day.
The able bodied world has no idea how ridiculously expensive it is to be disabled.
You either have to be broke to get government help or making 6 figures to get what you need.
If you’re in the middle you’re screwed.
Welcome to the win-lose world of Capitalism.
I’m just trying to participate in the world and do my part to support my family.
Things like this make it so frickin’ hard and it doesn’t have to be like this.
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