How many of your thoughts do you actually choose?

There’s an outright falsehood perpetuated by many in the self-help industry that needs to be addressed.
Its the notion that you choose every one of your thoughts. So if you have a single negative thought its your fault and your mind isn’t disciplined enough.
You have between 60,000-70,000 thoughts a day. About 90% of those thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday and support your habits. They’re conditioned and automatic.
Another 8% may be reactions to sensory stimuli, “What’s that smell?” or “Oh that’s nice.”
You didn’t choose these. They popped up.
For the 1% or less of the thoughts that are anywhere within your realm of influence. The choice you actually have is which ones to believe and act upon.
So don’t spend so much time trying to rid your mind of every thought when only a handful are the ones that will ultimately move the needle.
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