To the mom who thinks its insensitive to share my child’s successes

I read a post from a mom. It requested greater sensitivity from parents when posting about there child’s successes.
She was appealing on behalf of parents in the special needs community whose children may not be as successful.
Clearly I took issue with this. I don’t believe she thought this request through.
Is she suggesting we not celebrate our children’s progress on the off chance someone else is comparing their children to ours, and might feel bad?
Does she want us to feel guilty about our child’s successes because their are other children suffering?
Listen! The progress my boys have experienced is because of those who have gone before them.
I’ve learned from countless parents and professionals in the pursuit of helping prepare my Neurodivergent boys for the world.
Its the stories of other parents that have clued me into books, strategies, professionals, etc. What works and what’s a waste.
If they hadn’t discussed their successes I wouldn’t know about any of this.
PLEASE, PLEASE, keep shouting your successes from the rooftops.
Keeping your wins to yourself IS NOT an act of compassion in response to someone else’s feelings of discouragement, its an act of contrition.
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