Making society more accepting for us starts within us too

Many Neurodivergent folks believe it’s society and lack of accommodation that causes our suffering.

I agree that’s a big part of it, though not the whole story.

I don’t think it explains why certain light touches make me feel hostile.

Why I find most things in pop culture confusing and frustrating.

The fact I spend more time feeling confused than people will ever know.

That I work myself to exhaustion sometimes just trying to keep my thoughts straight long enough to accomplish something.

There’s more, but changes in society won’t solve these problems. These are problems of both the condition and my emotional reaction to it.

Not just one emotional reaction, possibly thousands over time.
This accumulation of unresolved emotional conflict can become toxic and traumatic to your nervous system. 

When you can’t trust your own mind to come through for you consistently it’s difficult to be confident in your ability to keep yourself safe in the world.

That can cause an intense chronic anxiety that manifests as hyperactivity.
Society can’t change this.

This work is yours and yours alone. But you don’t have to go through it alone.
Feeling alone in it is a primary reason people stuff these feelings down and spend their lives trying to distract themselves from these feelings. 

I’m grateful to have unlearned a great deal of the resentment and guilt I felt toward my disabilities. I did it with the help of professionals and talking with other people living with disabilities. 

People who were already doing what I wanted to do. Living with peace, acceptance and joy while also living with challenges.

I’ve become more calm and had steadier emotions than at any time in my life.

All without meds. Mind you, I still experience some anxiety and depression, but it doesn’t have the vote it once did.

You’ll see the greatest decrease in your suffering when you prioritize the inside work.

Who knows, your healing may be the thing that helps improve society for all of us.
The Inner Work is the focus of the Inner Circle. A community of women, sharing the journey together and healing together. Learning to let go of the belief that they aren’t good enough. 

In fact! I just promoted two of the members to “Mentors”, because they’ve come so far they’ve become leaders in the group and I’m encouraging their growth in that direction. The Inner Circle has a spot available for you
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