You aren’t broken, you need new shoes

You aren’t broken. I suspect you may walk around in shoes that don’t fit.

By shoes, I mean beliefs.

Beliefs about whom you should be, what you should do with your life.

You work to live up to the expectations of the shoulds to maintain the approval of others.

You may believe their approval is the source of your worth in some way.

Those beliefs come to us from the part of our survival instinct that knows if others don’t want us around, we won’t be safe.

Though correct, there’s more than an all-or-nothing, accepted or rejected way to perceive how you’re doing in life.

You aren’t in a race or a competition of any kind. You’re a living process of growth and discovery.

With a Neurodivergent mind, you have a unique lens that can shed new light on old problems.

The challenge is learning to find the beliefs that don’t fit and replacing with ones that do.

Ones that allow you to be who you are, get what you need and make a difference in your way.

Then what you bring to the world can reduce suffering, versus adding to it.

I wish more people would consider that. Meanwhile, I’ll keep supporting the ones that do.

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