I did an experiment yesterday…

Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the day I was told my cancer was in remission.

I decided to spend the day being with the feeling of gratitude for being alive.

What I experienced was a more vibrant mindfulness throughout the day. I felt more aware of and connected to the life around me.

I also was able to look upon things I’d ordinarily catastrophize and instead experience anxiety but with clearer thinking.

I think an aspect of this gratitude was seeing myself connected to “life” which is vast. It allowed me to transcend myself, see myself as part of something bigger. It also made problems appear smaller by comparison.

Its amazing the experiences you can have when you know how to use your attention. When you live with Neurodivergence the message you often receive is that you’re lousy when it comes to attention.

Nonsense! You’re being criticized because you don’t attend well to things that don’t spark your curiosity.

You can learn to discipline your attention so the things that need your attention get it. 

I’m going to stick with this and see what happens next.

If you have thoughts or questions about this, share them on the discussion thread by clicking here
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