If you rely on urgency and adrenaline to increase your focus there’s a better way

People with Neurodivergence often rely too much on adrenaline to enhance their focus.
This is a reason they’ll overschedule themselves. Being busy increases pressure, and urgency which increases adrenaline.
Procrastination is great for this as well. The time pressure triggers an adrenaline surge.
This is NOT a healthy long term strategy though.
Adrenaline is great for fight-or-flight when you need to focus on a threat and rally large muscle groups to protect yourself from death.
What do you do with all that adrenaline when you just plan to sit and write a paper? A paper cut won’t kill you.
The adrenaline you have pumping through your veins is improving your focus. It’s also increasing your heart rate, raising your blood pressure, causing muscle tension throughout your body, slowing your digestion and heightening your anxiety.
Adrenaline is also a stress hormone that can lead to chronic illness over time if it stays in your system too long.
Also keep in mind that increased anxiety makes memory worse. So whereas you’ve increased your focus with the adrenaline, you may also experience increased memory problems.
What’s the alternative?
I’ve experienced that learning to calm your anxiety increases focus, enhances memory and decreases the amount of stress hormone swimming through your blood stream.
This is the healthier alternative and something I can teach you how to do.
It doesn’t require you to load up on medication either.
It’s a matter of realizing you can shape the lens through which you see the world. The rough edges can be softened when you know how to work through the hard stuff without reliving it.
Learn to understand what drives your anxiety and unlearn it so its replaced with calm and focus. All without the need for constant adrenalin.
How’s that sound?
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