Rest is the foundation for your next action

“Rest is the foundation for your next action.”

That’s what I told a group today as we discussed self-care.
Every muscle contraction, breath and ocean wave has a break, a pause before the next.
We also pause while speaking. A way of resting the voice and tuning in to curiosity for better listening.
You may also take a minute to think about something. Not even to actively work it through, just to sit with it.
Waiting in stillness until an insight presents itself.
Rest can be an instant of darkness as a lightbulb flickers, or a refreshing nights sleep.
It isn’t the opposite of value, work or productivity on its face.
Rest is a phase of surrender that frees you to gather your resources for the next best action.
To keep going without resting is to fight for diminishing returns.
The signs are all around you that rest is a natural ingredient in the movement of your life.
Pauses/Resting everywhere, varying lengths helping set the tempo of life.
Feeling off balance? Perhaps a little more rest will help you find your rhythm.
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