Coming to terms with being forgetful

Accepting I’m forgetful and writing things down, instead of anxiously fretting over how important it is not to forget something.
Has been a big relief and made a noticeable difference in my mental health.
Trying to remember to improve my memory is like trying to improve my color blindness by looking at more color.
My brain doesn’t do it. The ADHD prevents it. That’s the reality.
Once I accommodated it by writing things down, the pressure was off and my brain could rest.
It’s also important to let go of the “like everyone else” criteria when seeking a solution for yourself.
They don’t have any skin in the game, if their way doesn’t work for you who cares how they do it.
Accommodation often requires innovation, which means different.
Remember, the ones doing things differently aren’t necessarily the ones incapable of keeping up with the others.
They notice the ones who realize those running maintain the status quo.
Your job is learning the tools and strategies to increase your flow.
So you can show the world more of what you know.
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