The more I healed, the more happiness I remembered

One of the gifts from healing my own Gremlins, is remembering good things from my childhood I’d forgotten about.
When you walk through life wounded, your mind keeps front and center the info that’ll keep you safe from more harm.
It’s plan is this. Let’s be on alert for the possibility we may get punched in the face.
To do that we’ll keep punching ourselves in the face to remember what it felt like, not simply that we didn’t like it.
Living on defense is exhausting. That’s what anxiety is, a defensive neurological state.
I remember telling stories of my unhappy childhood over the years. I can understand why some might think there was no happiness at all.
But as I progressively quiet the mental preoccupations with painful parts of the past, I’m able to see life with a wider lens.
When you heal life becomes both clearer and bigger. Bigger in terms of the number of things you’re aware of and feel connected to.
You’re able to experience life in a more balanced way. Versus having your baggage on your lap everywhere you go.
It’s a powerful journey to take yourself on. It’s one of my favorite things to do with others. We’re all in this together.
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