The importance of learning to trust more

I’m getting the hint it’s necessary for me to trust more.
Cath and I attended a large picnic today to celebrate the marriage of one of her best friends.
To walk from our car to the venue I elected to balance myself by placing my hand on her shoulder instead of using my canes.
I didn’t expect needing to stand and walk without her being available.
On two occasions that’s exactly what happened. I needed to rely on acquaintances to stand in for Cath.
The second time it had started raining and Cath went to bring the car closer so we could go.
We’d been there three hours and I didn’t have much left anyway. Though it was a lot of fun.
So I stood up slowly thinking I was on my own.
I stared at the ground as I struggled to find my bearings.
Then I heard, “Need some help Brian?”
It was the father of the bride. He and I had a pleasant conversation maybe an hour earlier.
I asked him if I could place my hand on his shoulder for balance and we could walk to where Cath was waiting.
He took charge of the, “excuse me’s” so people would step aside.
It was an odd feeling because Cath knows my rythym and how to walk with me.
I could tell each of them that helped were being careful not to move too fast. They were very considerate.
It’s not always easy to be vulnerable, especially when physical injury is a risk.
Having risked it, it’s nice to know that when I chose to trust two people with my safety, they were there for me.
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