A useful way to manage anxiety

Let me tell you something about anxiety. Anxiety is stored up energy for action you can’t take.
When you fret about the past, thinking about how it should have gone, what you should’ve done – you’re suggesting to yourself another course of action is possible.
Your subconscious mind thinks, “Yeah, let’s do that!” Then it starts firing your nervous system to get you to act toward this new option.
But you can’t go back in time and do it over. It’s impossible to implement a should’ve.
So your body is now primed to take action on a moment long since past.
With nowhere for the energy to go, it often stays inside you.
You run into a similar issue with the future. You imagine scenarios where you may feel embarrassed or upset in some way.
The anxiety that comes with that imagining wants you to act to protect it from that danger.
But the danger doesn’t come in reality. The energy has no where else to go.
Now image living your life in such a way. That your thinking is primarily about what happened yesterday or what could happen tomorrow?
In doing so you end up manufacturing anxiety that accumulates over time. This isn’t good for your health or your morale.
The way out of that mess is in this moment.
I suspect there is no immediate threat for you to do anything about right now, true?
Give all of your attention to the feeling of safety that comes with that realization. Allow it to wash over you.
You’re welcome.
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