One tip for you that can transform how you think about life

I have one tip for you that can transform how you think about life.
I was talking to a friend this morning who was unaware just how disabled I am by my health conditions.
She was surprised by how positive I was able to be regardless of the challenges I experience every day, including chronic pain.
I explained that I used to be very reactive. The ADHD putting me on alert or emotional wounds that I concluded made me a victim.
Over the years my commitment to self-improvement showed me seeing life through that lens wasn’t useful.
I discovered that greeting as much life experience as possible through the lens of gratitude was the game changer.
I have three boys with Asperger’s and ADHD watching me live my life. If they see me reacting to life as though its a villian, they’ll learn the same helpless mindset.
But if they learn to see adversity as an opportunity to be resourceful and resilient, then life becomes a treasure chest.
That’s what I teach my clients as well.
This is what I could be teaching you in the Inner Circle.
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