Some great ideas for you

It isn’t necessarily useful to be so attached to beliefs you currently believe most accurate.
The universe is inherently playful and will usually challenge them regularly.
I’ve learned over the years to share my thoughts with a spirit of “would you like to try this on”?
Understanding that the beliefs you hold are like the threads of a cloak you use to wrap yourself in as you navigate life.
This cloak has a special property. Any thread can be replaced with a stronger, more refined thread whenever it’s available for doing so.
We misunderstand that only things that never give are strong. When we know the ability to take in information, learn and adapt is how we survive, thrive and grow.
Flexibility, resourcefulness and resilience it responsible for your progress but you’ve been giving credit to stubbornness.
If you think a main function of ideas is to allow you to stroke your ego by one upping others, you may as well be wiping your ass with silk.
Ideas are precious, precision instruments that create the modern world. Ideas that improve the lives of others aren’t for you, though they do come through you.
Through, as in passing through. Long enough for you to help it come to life. Then the next idea comes. Let the energy of inspiration keep moving.
So hold on to your ideas long and strong enough for them to be useful. Just not so hard they become indistinguishable from you.
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