Getting things done when you don’t know how long it’ll take

One of the challenges with time blindness is when you have a long to do list. It can be anxiety inducing because estimating how long it’ll take you is a shot in the dark.
I don’t feel time passing unless I have a clock or clouds to watch, something that tells me time is passing.
I had a long list this morning my mind told me would take all day. It took a few hours.
Sure, I could use past experience as a point of reference. It’s just that my executive functions on one day may not be as well oiled on another.
So something I’m ordinarily proficient in may take me longer or may get done with more mistakes on days my brain is more glitchy.
I may know when I wake up my brain is off. I may not know until I begin the task.
Either way. Time is an elusive entity for many of us and a disorienting one at that.
To make this fact less stressful on myself, I complete tasks in short bursts.
It’s easier for me to appreciate 10 minutes than an hour. So I plan 10 minute chunks of work and see how much I get done in that time.
After 10 minutes I see how much I’ve gotten done, then plan to get at least as much done in the next 10 minutes.
It’s not a perfect system, but it keeps you moving forward.
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