Movement can be help you work through your emotions

One of the best reasons to include movement breaks into your schedule is because movement plays an important role in relieving stress.
Feeling trapped is a hallmark of a traumatic experience or an anxiety attack. Feeling like you can’t fight or flee.
An example might be a child who is having severe anxiety and is told they can’t leave their seat until the end of the lesson. A disempowered child may shut down.
Movement at least releases muscle tension which is calming.
In using both sides of the body to move you activate both hemispheres of the brain. This can make it easier to find the words for your feelings.
Being in motion as you talk about what happened changes your memory of it.
Because you felt you couldn’t move when it happened.
But you’re moving as you remember it in the present.
That’s a message to your mind and body that things are better now.
Trauma is common in the Neurodiversity world. What’s even more unfortunate is how much it impacts everyone’s world.
Somehow we must commit to healing. For our own peace and for the benefit of future generations.
As someone doing the work, I promise you. Being on the other side of it is worth going through it.
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