When Facebook wants you to friend a childhood bully

Facebook just recommend I friend someone who literally used to torment me when we were kids.

We have FB friends in common it seems.

I felt anger at first as I looked at his face. I tried to see evidence of that kid I resented so much.

I couldn’t see him.

I didn’t know the person I was looking at now. I didn’t know his story, who he had become.

I only know what I remember.

I also remembered I’m no longer the same person. No longer the frail, insecure child so easily preyed upon.

Also not someone who wants him to suffer because of decisions he made as a kid. When he was clearly troubled.

The world is better with healed people in it. That’s what I want for him and anyone else who causes suffering as they wrestle with their gremlins.

It’s a far lighter and more peaceful existence to wish peace rather than punishment upon someone.

Especially when it comes to people from our past.

I find it difficult to nurture my own peace without wanting to include others.

Healing frees you from a desire to get even because you have to let go of the role of victim.

Does it mean you weren’t a victim at that moment, no? It means you don’t have to be one for the rest of your life.

Heal what you can.

Your present is waiting for you to take your eyes off the past long enough to meet it.

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