Self-care is about more than getting enough rest

Self-care isn’t simply about taking care of the parts of you that take care of everyone else. It’s about so much more. 

It’s about taking care of the “self”, who you are, what fills you up and makes you feel most alive. 

I focus on the self-care that strengthens the foundation of who I am, meaning how I show up in the world. 

I want my default setting to be consistent, deliberate and nonreactive. 

The world isn’t the enemy, it’s the mother I’m connected to and rely upon for my existence, growth and survival. 

People have a way of complicating the simple, don’t we?! 

I’m a proficient catastrophic thinker. I can thank my Neurodiversity (e.g. ADHD, anxiety) for that. I can also thank various strategies for helping me manage it. 

I don’t have talent for playing musical instruments or painting beautiful portraits. But something happens when I reflect upon the human condition and the lessons therein. Then choose to write about that experience.

I use that time in reflection increasing my capacity for self-compassion, patience, kindness, mindfulness and more.

That’s the deeper self-care that fills me up. Far more than a massage ever could, not that those aren’t awesome. But you know what I mean.

Maybe hiking through the forest or climbing a rock face helps you connect with your deeper self. Then please do it.

Bring this deeper self into your awareness so it can be a more conscious part of how you live your life.

Its more deeply connected to what you truly care about and is a far better compass than “what will others think”. 

This is a way for you to make an impact in this life.

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