When getting started is difficult to do

As someone with ADHD, do you find it hard to get started on some tasks?
I do too.
In talking with clients I’ve discovered different reasons for this.
1. You don’t know what the first step is and you’re afraid to ask because you don’t want to look dumb.
2. You aren’t confident in your ability to be successful with the task so you don’t want to try.
3. You’re afraid of the feelings that come with making mistakes because you don’t handle them well.
4. Similar to #2 is perfectionism. If you can’t be guaranteed it’ll go perfectly you don’t want to do it.
Please tell me if I’ve missed one.
Here’s the hard truth my friend. It’s hard to move forward in life when you can’t get started.
It’s difficult to do though when experience has taught you that starting can be a dangerous thing.
Fortunately, I have a solution for you. Learn to replace fear with curiosity. It’s something I teach members in my community how to do.
Instead of dreading what could happen you’re eager to find out what could happen. Matters of physical safety excluded of course.
The reasons for not getting started I’ve listed above are based on the belief that only the “right” answer is worthy of praise.
That’s been drilled into our heads since we were kids. You’ve been trained to criticize yourself when you make mistakes because that’s what you received.
But there’s hope. You can learn to have a new, more compassionate conversation with yourself. One that is understanding and forgiving.
It’ll cheer you on and believes in your ability to learn from the less than perfect moments. Moments that can be more important to your growth and learning than when things go perfectly.
Wanna learn more, let me know.
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