Make sure you play all emotions

Imagine your emotions are like the strings of a guitar.
How many strings do you have to work with?
Some people may only play the strings of suffering, sadness, anger or fear.
You barely touch joy, contentment or gratitude.
The thing is, the most moving experiences make room for all of your emotions to come and go.
Strumming the strings and feeling, hearing them vibrate together into a new energy called harmony.
In a group call with my Inner Circle Members this morning, the metaphor of a guitar popped into my mind as we discussed increasing our options for what we allow ourselves to think and feel.
“Like a 12 string guitar,” I replied. They usually have 6 strings.
That launched into repeated use of the guitar metaphor to illustrate how many of our emotions we allow ourselves to play.
We realized that when we strum them all we feel more fulfilled. On a 12 string guitar the strings of suffering, fear, anger are but a few.
When played along with happiness, love, connection you experience greater balance, and gratitude for the blessings between the bumps.
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