Learn to use all of yourself…

What gives you an edge when you have ADHD/ASD or any other challenge. Doesn’t so much lie in overcoming anything.

In my experience, it’s about learning to use all of yourself.

When everyone else is born with four engines and you’ve got three. Then you crank those three babies up and learn to use your flaps in clever new ways. Maybe you spin your wheels a bit too.

People who don’t experience disruptive challenges in life rarely have to dig deep enough within themselves to discover how truly gifted and powerful they are.

I guess we’re some of the lucky ones.

We often show up big for life with our intensity, don’t we?

One reason we may seem to be too much for some people, is because of how much of ourselves we use.

Now imagine you could take that intensity and focus it on making something happen in your life.

That’s the work.

I’ll give you a hint. It involves learning to combine your capacity for hyperfocus with mindfulness. A hyper-mindfulness if you will.

You’re so fiercely present in the moment with every fiber of your being.

Imagine that.

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