A student’s worth is more than grades…

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Though students may not come out of this time academically where we’d all like them to be.
It is critical that not student, teacher or parent walk away from this feeling any less about yourselves. Of course it’s tough when so much negative feedback seems to be coming your way.
I understand the pressures to meet standards and such in the short term. How hard it is when you’re teaching remotely what was designed to be taught in person.
My focus is less academic and more on the importance of helping each of you remember your essential worth comes from more than how you measure up to a statistical average.
Take away the screens, the deadlines, the demands. Look at yourself in a mirror.
🌱 Remind yourself of the people who love you just the way you
🌱 The people you don’t have to prove anything to.
🌱 The ones who have your back.
You are good enough even when you seen to be making nothing but mud pies.
Remind your child of this!!!
Just this morning my son told me he was afraid of walking away from his laptop to go to the bathroom during class out of fear he’d miss something.
I reminded him he wasn’t being instructed in the secrets of the universe and is allowed to use the bathroom.
Loving to learn and explore is a wonderful quality to have. It keeps life from ever becoming boring. Schooling has been known to kick that out of many a student, but it doesn’t have to.
I remind my sons, the goal isn’t to know everything. What’s important is to keep asking questions. Keep being curious. Embrace not knowing, keep wondering.
Then you can say confidently, “I’m not dumb, I just don’t know. But I soon will.”
We’re on a journey of discovery together in this life. We’re learning a lot during this time, and one lesson I hope we prioritize is compassion for each other.
Students, parents and teachers are in the same mess and none of them want it this way. It’s less than perfect but its a shared experience we can get through together.
Communicate, be friendly and supportive.
No education is perfect, even during ideal circumstances.
Everyone is doing the best they can.
Do your best, learn what you can and
pick up the rest when you need it.
We’re in this together.

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