Our greatest gift to one another…

I am my father’s son. My Dad was a firefighter before starting his own business in the early 80’s.

Fast forward to today. I was on the highway after picking up my oldest son Zach for a weekend visit.

I overshot the exit and took a later exit to double back. Shortly after we exited we approached a four way stop just as a car slammed into a pickup a few car lengths in front of us and drove it into a ditch.

I quickly pulled over and grabbed my cane informing Zach we were going to make sure everyone was ok.

A few others stopped as well and seemed confused as to what to do.

I asked one to make a call to 911 and another to make sure the ignition in the pickup was turned off.

The driver of the pickup was laying in the wet grass next to his truck. His head was bleeding and the windshield damaged from where his head hit it.

I leaned into my cane for balance and bent over to place my hand on his shoulder.

He kept closing his eyes and turning his head to the side. Each time he did I encouraged him to keep his eyes open and look at me.

I did this until the ambulance arrived.

As I walked back to my car I noticed multiple people pulled over taking pictures of the aftermath with their phones instead of trying to help.

What’s this world coming to.

Now I’m laying in bed with a headache. Not sure if’s due to the weather or adrenaline. Maybe both.

I want to add that our greatest gift to one another is to be fully present. I hope that’s what I gave to this man.

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