How many opinions do you need to have?

One thing that’s important to be mindful of is how often you’re encouraged to have an opinion about something.

The more opinions you have the more you’ll react to in this information charged world.

It is possible to not have an opinion about things. And I encourage you to have opinions about as few things as possible.

Focus on the things that are absolutely essential for you being you in this world.

Being you is all you need to show up with.

This way to inner balance …

Fear of asking for help begins as a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be independent.

Independent does not mean “succeeding without help.” It’s referring to independent decision making, thinking for yourself.

It’s imperative to use that skill to seek guidance from more skilled people. You’ll never level up in a vacuum.

Let go of the story about the danger of reaching out.

Then reflect upon this miraculous capacity to look within yourself, with a curiosity that compels you to reach out to others.

This is the feeling of independent thinking within interdependent relationships.

That’s the balance you’re looking for.

Start each day feeling peaceful

Start each day feeling peaceful.

When you first wake ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” Then notice what pops up.

It can be, “I’m grumpy,” “I’m nervous,” “I’m excited.”

If it’s positive, think of the opportunities you’ll have to continue feeling that way throughout your day.

If it’s negative then pause. Ask it, “What does this feeling need me to know?”

The answer will be a story. See it as such and nothing more.

Send the story back to the universe as though you opened your hand and it sped off like a bird.

Now, you can begin your day with the peace you feel after having that weight lifted off your spirit.

You won’t feel alone in a crowd if you do this . . .

You feel lonely in a crowd, even when you’re part of the action, yes?

This is often because the person you’re being is a persona you hope they’ll accept and include.

But this persona isn’t you. You feel truly connected when others see who you are and want to accept and include that person.

They won’t be allowed to even see who you truly are until you love and respect yourself enough to be seen.

The best news is when you truly love and respect yourself, you won’t be as bothered if they don’t accept and include you, because you know you’re lovable and worthy of respect.

Someone who feels at home in their own skin draws others to them. Those who find authenticity attractive. Those are your people.

How to be yourself isn’t taught in school …

Critics have one thing in common. The way you did something didn’t create the result they wanted.

If you grew up with ADHD you know what I’m talking about.

Parents, professionals and peers alike are driven by the need to maintain their own paradigm.

They push and bribe to gain your compliance in doing it their way.

A win occurs when you give them what they want.

It’s easy to grow up second guessing yourself and deferring to others when what you wanted was repeatedly shot down and rarely (if ever) supported.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to discover how worthy and lovable you truly are.

First be aware you were raised to be a cog in a transactional culture.

But that’s not what you were put here for. You’re an extension of the creative force that drives the evolution of everything.

Your evolution depends upon learning to let go of your responsibility for catering to the collective comfort zone of the “normal folk”.

Let them keep society on the existing road while you discover new ones. That’s what you’re here for.

Ready to get started?