9 steps to freedom

Just shared this strategy with a client. I call it “9 Steps to Freedom”.
This is a straightforward strategy for transforming limiting core beliefs into more empowering ones. 
1. What are you grateful for this week? (2-3 things) This gets your mind into a more abundant place.
2. What’s foremost on your mind right now? Describe the problem as you understand it. Everything in your life is connected, you’ll see.
3. Is there anything else?
4. Describe the outcome/result you desire that you believe is presently outside your reach.
5. Identify beliefs that create and/or maintain the problem.
6. Challenge the limiting beliefs
7. Suggest new belief(s) that would make achieving the desired result more possible.
8. Assign an action step to create the needed shift in perception for desired change to take place.
9. Accountability plan (how will you make sure you follow through)? 
Here to help you implement this.
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