How much do hurt feelings weigh?

You know those moments when someone does or says something you feel hurt by. They apologize and you say, “It’s okay.”

You try to let it go because you’re, “supposed to.” What you end up doing is beating yourself up over being upset instead of dealing with your emotions.

Your life is filled with these moments where a small wound is minimized and compartmentalized but it doesn’t disappear.

It reminds me of a story about a teacher who presented a glass of water to his class and asked them to guess how much it weighed.

He invited a student to pick up the glass and guess its weight. He asked the student to keep holding the glass as he kept speaking to the class. Cautioning the student not to spill a drop.

The student holding the glass began to feel his hand cramp and his arm grow tired and finally said, “This glass is starting to get heavy. Can you just tell us how much it weighs.”

To which the teacher replied, “It depends on how long you hold it.”

These little hurts add up. When you work so hard not to spill even a drop, not shedding a single tear, the weight builds.

Look at the word depressed. It has “press” in the middle. It refers to the pressure, the weight you continue to carry.

Let’s work on helping you put that weight down. You weren’t meant to live in pain, you’re meant to live with purpose.

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