Healing is the key to reducing future hurt

Holding on to past hurts doesn’t protect you from being hurt again. What it does do is keep the hurt alive. It erodes trust, sabotaging your ability to love and be loved.

You know what protects you from being hurt? Nothing! Hurt happens.

What is available to you is the wisdom that feeling hurt puts you in touch with. A deeper part of yourself is opened up to you.

It connects you with your sense of self worth, your need for love and connection and your need for certainty.

Hurt has a lot to teach you, foremost is that even though you hurt you’re still good enough.

Hurt is an experience of loss but not loss of your value as a human being.

It needs to be felt, grieved and in all other ways worked through to mine it’s riches.

Yes, mining those riches can be a real bitch.

It doesn’t happen in one sitting or with equal intensity. It can require anywhere from an ugly cry to a simple acknowledgement that you’re still experiencing some hurt but it’s less intense than it was.

Bit by bit you do the work of learning to feel safe in your body, mind, relationships and the world.

In so doing you embrace the courage to love again, to live more fully.

You know that hurt happens, you also know how to relate to your hurt as a teacher so you can welcome it instead of being shamed by it.
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