Before you criticize me, have the guts to get into the arena

It would seem there are some uncomfortable with how personal my posts are, especially this past week.
What rules am I breaking?
Who is hurt by what I share and how I share it?
Who is helped by what I share?
Do you read the comments on the posts you believe to cross a line? If you did it may help you realize something that’s been missing in the discussion of mental health.
You preach about the importance of eliminating the stigma of mental health issues. The primary way to accomplish that is to show it without a sugar coating.
To show people the demons you cling to cause you live in fear. To show you its possible to break through this fear and put it behind you.
How do you expect this change to happen in people’s minds if we don’t risk having our hearts broken to remind ourselves they can be mended.
The suffering in this world has been magnified by recent events. We simply can’t fuck around anymore when it comes to confronting the ghosts from our past.
You were made for more than playing host to past pains like the concierge of some fucked up hotel whose guests only seem to complain about you and your hotel.
I’ve spent a life hiding behind a wall of shame and I’m pitching it straight into the fuckit bucket.
I don’t have time for critics who sit in the stands and judge me while I’m taking all the risks.
You might try doing the work yourself because in spite of the lies you may be telling yourself, no one who knows you believes you have your shit together.
Lord knows I don’t, but at least I own it.
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