Your emotions don’t have to run the show

When you are present with another person it can be life changing for them. 
When you’re present with yourself it can be transformational for you.
It can feel difficult at times to find someone to truly listen to you.
Well, when was the last time you truly listened to yourself?
Truly paid attention to what you were thinking and feeling.
Imagine showing yourself the same kind of patience, compassion and acceptance you show others.
When you live with ADHD your thoughts may as well be 10x as abundant as for another person. These thoughts can feel overwhelming and disproportionately critical.
It’s like living with an abusive parent in your own head.
But you can find greater peace and happiness even with a mind like that.
That would be great, but how?
I was asked this question yesterday during one of our group calls.
It begins by understanding that our thoughts and feelings are like whirlpools in a river.
As the water flows it begins to spin and creates various forms, these forms can be called thoughts and feelings.
They show up briefly then rejoin the flow of the river.
You are made of energy (quantum physics, not woo woo, teaches this) and as your unique vibration is influenced by your inner and outer experience, the influence, like a rock being thrown in from the shore, can be disruptive. Similar to someone speaking unkindly to you.
But instead of being injured by the rock, you move around it, like the water.
You allow it to pass by then you continue flowing.
Being present, flexible and a witness to your thoughts and emotions is key to this. To fight it is to act like the river when it is frozen, stuck and inflexible.
But when you allow things to flow you find they don’t last that long and allowing yourself to get caught up in them just increases your suffering.
So what do you do? Learn to be mindful, live with a mind full of the experience of this moment.
Would you be surprised to learn I know how to teach you to do this. I’m adding a lesson to our community today.


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