What happiness and marathons have in common

What do you know about marathons?
Other than that they’re long, intense, and someone just completed one in under 2 hours.
Here’s one thing I know about them that I think may help you too.
All along the path are water stations. They allow runners to remain hydrated throughout the race. Dehydration ain’t pretty and can mess everything up when it happens.
So maintaining hydration is paramount.
Now let’s say you’re living your life but you’re prone to feelings of depression (common for people living with ADHD).
I know it’s true for me, you too?
Life is the marathon, depression is dehydration.
So it’s important to strategically place things in your life that help you create moments of happiness so you don’t succumb to the doldrums.
You need water/happiness stations.
What can you count on to lift your spirits (e.g. a pet, a friend, a memory, hobby).
Place as many of these things throughout your day, week, etc.
It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re chugging along and forget to check in with yourself to see how you’re doing.
Emotional funks can be self-perpetuating and you don’t need to fight back from that when you can prevent it, right?
So where do you need your water/happiness breaks? First thing, in the morning, after lunch, mid day, before bed.
Make a list of the things that help you feel happy and figure out where you can fit them in.
It’s a simple recipe for keeping happiness at your finger tips.
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