I start all kinds of projects but don’t follow through on any of them. What do I do?

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This is the biggest struggle my clients with ADHD face every single day.

You too?

You have a mind filled with exciting ideas you have difficulty prioritizing, executing and keeping momentum toward bringing them into reality.

What is a brilliant, creative yet scattered brain to do?

I have a few suggestions.

1. Begin with a goal, a clear concise goal.

Without a destination you have no measure of whether you’re lost or on track.

2. Before chasing any new shiny object, ask yourself, “Will this move me closer to or further from my goal?

I think it’s evident what we’re shooting for here.

3. Not every stimulating idea is the most amazing idea you’ve ever had.

Your “all or nothing” thinking tricks you into believing every thought is equally valuable and needs to be acted upon.

That’s why you start so many projects at once.

Be mindful of this and its easier to let go of even the shiniest ideas that try to distract you from your “clear, concise goal”.

4. Load your calendar with reminders to snap you out of hyperfocus and reign you in when you become distracted.

A reminder before an activity gives you time to transition.

A reminder at the time of prompts you to get started.

AND, some benefit from a timer that pings every 15-20 minutes to remind you to check what you’re doing to make sure you’re working toward your goal.

Of course there are deeper aspects to this, things that can sabotage you. That’s why I created the Breakthrough Academy for Women with ADHD.

There we can take the time to explore the surface and deeper reasons for the habits keeping you away from what you want most.

You don’t have to struggle any longer, I’m here to help.


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