The universe rewards action

One of my clients (w/Asperger’s) is seeking a job after losing the previous one.

In the past they would’ve taken a passive, fill out applications then wait to be called approach.

Now, through coaching they’re very proactive. They follow up and even show up when needed.

This time around they’re receiving multiple interviews as a result of their efforts and I’m confident they’ll have a job soon.

Here’s why this should matter to you as someone with ADHD or another issue that defaults to overthinking, procrastination, rationalization or another form of resistance.

The universe rewards “action” more than intention.

I imagine some of the law of attraction (LOA) folks may argue with this. But in my experience, the intentional thinking of LOA creates behavior change since we only act according to our beliefs.

LOA works when your intention becomes a belief that informs action that helps create the result you want.

Just like the farmer can’t manifest a crop by intention alone.

Without the action required to move you forward the world, the universe doesn’t know what you want.

Your action is like a big finger (not that one) pointing toward your goal.

When you’re seen working toward or talk about your efforts it becomes a signal to those who can help you.

So get out of your head and into the arena.

You’ll never make a touchdown from the bench.

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