I need help, I just don’t want to ask for it.

This was a theme in a recent post (see here http://bit.ly/2mljLY9).

A large number of people commented who need the help, want the help, and yet, won’t ask for it because a limiting belief gets in the way.

It’s amazing the lengths you will go to and the suffering you’ll endure because of a rule you embrace as an inflexible order.

In our all or nothing culture, “help” is either thought of as someone using you for your generosity or criticizing you for reaching out instead of doing it yourself.

That’s really messed up my friend.

There’s a middle ground so few consider.

I call it “The Law of Complimentarity”, Yin and Yang if you will.

It’s a principle in which you surround yourself with people who are good at the things you are not.

What’s equally important is that YOU are good at something they are not.

That way your combined efforts make each other’s lives better.

You help each other succeed so more people are helped as a result.

These relationships are by no means a utopian dream, I have dozens of relationships like this which help me do all that I do.

I simply could not show up at this level otherwise.

It takes a village, team, community, friend to change the world.

That’s what we work on in my Business of ADHD for Women Community.

As Steve Jobs famously put it, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.

Asking for help, inviting people to participate in your vision is a critical first step. Take the chance.

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