Comparison is a confidence killer!

Here is a photo of Sailor Brinkley Cook, the younger daughter of Supermodel Christie Brinkley.

For those who don’t follow, Christy was cast to perform on Dancing with the Stars, but shattered her forearm in rehearsals.

She asked Sailor to step in for her with 2 days notice.

Sailor had to learn in 2 days what other contestants had a week to practice.

Sailor pulled it off and will be competing again this week.

On a lengthy IG post Sailor shared this, “I grew up very insecure. Never feeling thin enough or tall enough or pretty enough or just downright good enough. I spent a lot of time fighting against who I naturally was.”

I imagine this is true for any girl/woman, I imagine being compared to her mother her entire life was downright suffocating.

Sailor went on to describe the confidence she has discovered by being able to step out on her own and show what she’s got.

It’s amazing how life gives us these little opportunities in what seems, in part, to be on the heels of a traumatic event.

Like Sailor, stepping into the light to show the world who you are and what you’ve got is a courageous act.

Like my coach Desislava Dobreva talks about the fact that sometimes you need to act confident to stir up your true confidence.

That’s what Sailor did.

You may not realize how brave you are until you do something brave.

Showing the world your true face, who you are and what you have to offer isn’t only brave. It’s generous.

Imagine the difference you can make for others, for yourself, by showing up fully and confidently.

In a few minutes I’m masterminding with the women in the “Business of ADHD for Women group”. I’m going to teach them how to do all of this.

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