Making an impact regardless of the critics

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Whether you have ADHD or not it can be intimidating to put yourself out there and declare what you stand for as a businesswoman.

Fear of negative feedback, arguments etc., can fly in the face of beliefs you may hold about the importance of pleasing others or being a peacemaker vs stirring things up.

Here’s the reality. You can be the juiciest, most delicious peach in the world and there will still be people who don’t like peaches.

With this knowledge your responsibility becomes to let the world know what kind of peach you are and what they can expect if they consume your juiciness (e.g. content, blog posts, videos).

You don’t have to diss apples and oranges (necessarily) to be clear that you stand for people who enjoy the kind of peach you are.

The occasional negaholic may show up in one of your threads and lay the criticism on thick.

When you have spent the time creating a consistent experience of you then the critic rarely has a leg to stand on.

The peach lovers in your tribe know who you are and that the critic is a complainer who likes to piss in other people’s cheerios.

Though you may at times allow this negativity to get to you (it’s happened to me), please remember that these bringers of all things poopy are of little more significance than the occasional itch on your butt.

It’s temporary and goes away quickly when you show it it isn’t welcome. Acknowledge it with a brief scratch, “I notice you, I scratch you off my list of things trying to get my attention and move on.”

Your gifts and your voice are too important to be intimidated by the occasional adult adolescent.

The amount of love and gratitude generated by your work will far outweigh any negativity you receive.

My Business Mastermind for Women with ADHD teaches this and so much more about how to make a larger impact with your message.

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